Daffodils and Dahlias are not the only things that blossom in “The Immigrant Garden. ” Self-discovery, tolerance, friendship, knowledge, and respect for others grow out of the correspondence betweeneen the gentle drama’s two main characters; young Cecily Barnes and 80-year-old Louise Beauchamp. the elderly woman with whom she exchanges letters. – Judy Panteleef, The Chronicle Premiere Review

The Immigrant Garden student movie was the outgrowth of media-literacy classes mentored by C. Tad Devlin. It all started in 1998 as a continuing education media-literacy class project at Centralia, College, located in rural Lewis County, WA where lack of work and poor economy force many young people into depression and dispair. Mr. Devlin, and his wife Diana decided to do something positive to help young people find hope

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  1. Is The Immigrant Garden available in DVD form? My son was an extra in the movie – danced with the heroine at the Fort Borst location. We would like a copy if we can find one. Thank you.

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