About Us

Northwest Film Projects, Inc. is an e-film company involved in the the acquisition, development, and production of rural stories and documentaries for Theatrical, Television, Internet and DVD release.  We seek entertainment media projects that exalt themes of moral excellence, social responsibility, unselfish behavior, and respect for others (tolerance). We believe in the  power of stories to educate, uplift, and preserve cultural values.  Movies are more than mere popcorn, they teach values and reflect the behaviors of society.

NFP is committed to bringing positive, enlightening messages to children, adolescents and adults through the visual arts. There is much literature citing the correlation between violent television and film images and aggressive behavior. In order to create media which addresses conflict resolution in lieu of weapons we need to nurture and support films which honor what is best in the human spirit.

Northwest Film Projects, Inc. is currently looking for published Young Adult Fiction and True Life Young People Stories. Comedy also welcome. If you have such material and want to submit it please send us the following information: Log-line, Story summary (less than 100 words) and contact information. We also need to know page length, as well as when and where the Story was first published.  If your story is a novel or Bio book enclose the ISBN number. Stories from writers who have an agent or an entertainment attorney are preferred. Allow us 4-6 weeks to respond.