GA – Chris Martuza

Chris Martuza

Video Editor and Motion Artist

Experienced in Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Premiere, Audition, Maya and HTML/CSS, Chris is an experienced editor and content development expert.
Video and Audio Editor
I am a video/audio editor and motion graphics artist. I have worked in a variety of positions developing and creating content for both promotional and fictional works. I have strong grounding in organization, planning and delivery with inherent ability to see projects through from start to finish. My goals in any production is to fully realize the scope of individual projects and while I may only play a small role I always keep my mind on the team as a whole.Working on Snippets was an enlightening experience. The team was a dedicated group of individuals focused on producing quality work with limited finances. Tad is a true producer, driven by vision with the ability to connect with people and overcome hurdles.
LinkedIn: chris-george-martuza


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