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Meet the creative people behind Group Analog. We’re a diverse lot with different backgrounds, disciplines, and passions but we all share a common goal – to produce quality work that makes an impact.





Tad Devlin

Tad Devlin – Producer/Writer

Tad is a Senior Producer-Writer with extensive management background in international motion picture and television production and has a passion for educational development though implementation of converging digital media technologies.

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Deborah Marchant

Deborah Marchant – Actress

Deborah has a soft spot for Indie Film making, she states “There is something so pure and raw about that kind of film making, rules can go out the window and you just go with the flow and feel the moment”.

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Chris Martuza – Video Editor and Motion Artist

Experienced in Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Premiere, Audition, Maya and HTML/CSS, Chris is an experienced editor and content development expert.

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Jason Murray – Artist and Digital Designer

Experienced in Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro 7, HTML/CSS, and drawing, with a knack for computers, Jason is a true multi-disciplined artist living in Portland, OR.

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Jennifer Portis

Jennifer Portis – Media Professional

Media professional and founder/director of the pdxDMC, Portland’s premiere digital marketing conference.

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Owen Stephens

Owen Stephens – Director of Photography

Experienced with 35mm, 16mm cameras, and HD camera formats, aerial, crane and motion camera platforms. Lighting expert and developer of motion picture lighting equipment.

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Michael Ward

Michael Ward – Editor & Motion Graphics Artist

Michael is a Portland, OR native with an extensive background in editing and motion graphics work.

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