snip·pet  a noun  \ˈsni-pət\:
a small part, piece, or thing : especially a brief quotable passage

Snippets is an entertaining thirty minute television show of unique design for broadcast and internet markets that would air first on TV and  then break down into modular segments for internet and smart phone streaming. Every Snippets segment produced runs one to five minutes. The stories are purposely short to encourage i-pad or smart phone users to watch a Snippet  while waiting at a bus stop, doctor’s office, or restaurant. Thus the show has two markets: TV  long form single show airing for broadcast, and Internet short form multiple show streaming for smart phone platforms.

Snippets Content

can be anything one can imagine as long as it is human and springs from the heart. It can be as innocent as an eighth grader using the Internet to save the world to a victim of gang violence using flowers to remember her brother. Snippets is about stories that come at us from the common everyday events we experience.  We are looking to showcase how arts, technology, and values can converge to make living more livable, opportunity more possible, and kindness more common.Snippets is not a good ship lollipop. Evil exists. Innocent people suffer, and good people often finish last. Everyday any of us can become a victim no matter how we behave. Snippets isn’t about glossing over these tragedies, but it centers attention on the miracle of how many of us choose to transcend evil through simplicity, acceptance, and hard work. These are the people Snippets wishes to celebrate.


Snippets. What a treat. Thank you! I especially enjoyed Julien and the woodcutter.  Can you imagine if everyone were like Julien?  The world would be a very different place. The stories flowed smoothly and you never lost my attention – hard to do in today’s environment of distractions. As far as “is there a market for this type of programming?”  I believe it is a resounding YES.   – Cyndi Rhoads 2012


Snippets Show

The Snippets Show

The Making of Snippets

The Making of Snippets